A way around credit checks for student loans

Most students have very little or no credit history therefore they often go searching for loans with no credit requirements. This may sound like a good strategy but the reality is that most private student loans companies require some sort of credit check – the companies will also more often than not require borrowers to have someone cosign their loan. If this is not the case you will still probably be subject to other terms and conditions and also much higher interest rates than someone who does have a cosigner. student loans

Private lenders often require credit checks for student loans because they can use your credit history to predict whether or not you will be able to repay the amount borrowed. A credit score is based on several factors regarding finances including acquiring and paying back debt. If you have a limited, nonexistent or negative credit history you are seen as a riskier investment, which is why students often have difficulty securing private loans without a cosigner.

A cosigner will usually have a better or more established credit history than you, this can help you qualify for a private student loan. There are serious legal implications with having a cosigner – they will be held responsible for the loan if you do not meet the repayment obligations. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are unable to make payments because of financial difficulties or because you simply don’t want to, the person who cosigned the loan will be expected to pay off your debt if you do not.

The US department of Education, offers The Direct Loan Program which is a student loan service that does not require a credit check or cosigner. The program is designed for students who have little or no credit history, which is why federal loans will have lower interest rates than private loans and offer more flexible repayment plans, especially if you suffer economic hardship after leaving school. In addition to typical 10 and 25 year repayments plans, federal loans allow you to base repayment on your income or let you defer pay repayment until your financial situation improves – borrowers can also consolidate their federal loans into one which could lower their monthly repayment.

Go to university with a student loan and maybe you could create software similar to MSN live

With university fees at their most expensive, getting a student loan means more debt. Prospective students are now required to consider not only which course they take, but also the lifelong effect on their finances.

For some students, parents or employment provide enough resources to adequately fund a university place. For those students with no means to pay directly for their courses, a student finance toward tuition fees is often the only option open to them. With university course costing around 9K per year, this means that the average degree student could be 27K or more in debt before they even consider postgraduate education. Maintenance loans which help to pay for food and accommodation are not included in this figure and often mean additional borrowing.Student Loan

Even though most student loans are not due to be paid back until the student earns 21k per annum, this debt enough to discourage many potential students, but some recognise the unique opportunity that a university degree can give. Many large companies such as Microsoft and Google, operate a graduate training programme which is open only to those with a university degree. Students often see their university experience as a first step on the employment level, and must then weight the debt incurred through student finance with the advantage they may gain in commerce or industry.

These students consider the long game in employment terms, and understand that the debt they incur may be cancelled out by the high salary obtained through graduate routes. Typically, ex-students who join graduate programs progress more quickly and farther in the job market, meaning higher earnings and therefore easier ability to pay of student debts. Couple this with and exciting job with a Blue-chip company, and the prospects of student loans look more enticing. Who knows, this could even lead to creating software similar to MSN live or designing a search engine!

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